Your Lying Mind


Have you ever worked on something that felt really hard to do, or it took much longer than necessary until someone showed you another way and you thought, “Oh! Why didn’t I think of that?”
How could it be that you missed a solution that was so obvious?

We all experience this phenomenon in a myriad of ways because our minds are actually designed to hide things from us. Sometimes they even flat out lie to us.

This is due to a complex mental filtering system that runs on unconscious rules and assumptions, and that effectively blocks us from seeing information, opportunities or ideas that may challenge those rules or assumptions.

As a result, without even realizing it we end up basing our decisions on limited and often inaccurate information, leading to limited and sometimes disappointing results.

Your Lying Mind is a 4-week experiential online program, designed to help you uncover the unconscious rules YOUR mind is playing by, what information it’s likely to filter out, and why. You’ll also develop the skills to override your default filters and widen the range of options you can see – AND take action on them – helping you achieve the things that are most important to you.

November 9: 7:30PM-9PM
November 16: 4:30PM-6PM
November 30: 4:30PM-6PM
December 7: 4:30PM-6PM

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