Your Very Own Taj Mahal

Oct 18, 2017 by Cassie Crow

Every dream begins with a willingness and longing to disrupt the way it is now. It is typical that when tragedy strikes our emotions flare and we are motivated to take action to alleviate the pain and upset we see around us. This is a marvel of the empathetic human organism and we believe that these events show us our true nature. We are love and generosity on legs.

However, after the initial shock subsides so does our willingness and our motivation to stay active. The change is momentary, helpful, needed but not long lasting.

Autumn shows us the true nature of lasting change is slow and gradual. Creating an extraordinary life takes dedicated efforts every day. Although we inherently know this, making a practice of it in our life requires support and conditioning. Our workshops are the designed to give participants the support they need to bring their visions to life. We encourage you to take advantage of our Fall Promotion.

Our dreams deserve our extraordinary thinking. Every human being has the capacity for bringing their imagination to life. There are awe-inspiring examples of this all over the world.

They’ve been described as “breath-taking” and “mind-boggling.” Some sit atop thousands of feet, amid rugged mountainous landscapes. Some are enshrined in urban dwellings with coiffed lawns. Some are dilapidated, having fallen to time, pollution and war.

People travel across the globe to visit these majestic places categorized by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science, and Culture (UNESCO) as World Heritage Sites (WHS). The pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, the Palace of Versailles and India’s Taj Mahal are some of the hundreds of WHS.

In order for the UN to consider a site, it must meet ten criteria—one of which is “to represent a masterpiece of human creative genius.” Human creative genius takes more than smarts. Breathing a vision to life takes ambition, a community, planning and above all, it takes extraordinary thinking.

Extraordinary thinking means you dominate your unconscious and conscious thoughts. You govern your emotions like a commanding general conditioning the troops into their ultimate shape for peak performance.

At an unconscious level, your mind’s number one priority is to protect you from pain, embarrassment, hurt, loss etc. and has generated beliefs that keep you safe. The unconscious mind is only interested in itself and its own survival. These beliefs govern your actions and guide you down paths that lead you away from anticipated upsets.

This is an amazing function of the mind. The major limitation of this remarkable system is that sometimes; what we value most, who we could co-create with and what would have us feel most fulfilled would put us at risk of what we want to avoid.

But, extraordinary thinking begins with understanding that what you wish to avoid is nowhere near as important as what you dream to create. When you exercise your extraordinary thinking you are more emotionally connected with the greatest version of yourself rather than the unconscious mind that only wishes to protect you from failure. When you are that connected to your vision you are unstoppable and in communion with your creative genius and others that are capable of bringing your vision to life.

Extraordinary thinking is developable and we at Productive Learning consider ourselves experts in engineering the environment where you can nurture and foster the understanding necessary to employ your potential.

To stimulate the Extraordinary Thinking within, we are taking our clients on an experiential learning journey to China, where they will visit one of UNESCO’s greatest sites—The Great Wall. The wall is one of the most powerful symbols of extraordinary thinking.  We invite you to be inspired by the Ming Dynasty and their unprecedented creative genius in building one of the most renowned Wonders of the World.

All of us have our personal goals—our metaphorical Taj Mahals to build—whether it’s launching a new business, a new career, healthier relationships or super fit bodies. To build your dream, you need the right beliefs in mind. Start your mental awakening with us and bring a loved one to start this journey with! After all, building the Taj Mahal required a group effort. Take advantage of our limited two-for-one fall promotion.

UNESCO sites are legacies for creative genius and remind us of our capacity for creating extraordinary feats. Harness your extraordinary thinking and release the limitations of your mind. In the end, your best legacy is that you live an extraordinary life.