Creating shared value through unity and harmony

This workshop is especially recommended for the following life stages:

Advancing Your Career Finding Your Purpose Overcoming Relationship Challenges Redefining Roles and the future

Lōkahi is a Hawaiian word for unity. Not uniformity, unity. Unity of purpose. The person coming into Lōkahi isn’t afraid of the diversity of thought or uniqueness another brings, in fact, the very essence of Lōkahi is to come together regardless of one’s differences to create something of value and for a collective advantage.

Lōkahi speaks the workplace language of teamwork, collaboration, harmony, and unity. At home, it presents itself as a united relationship that still holds the individual’s personal identity. We often find ourselves in a predicament that requires collaboration and a combination of ideas and thoughts. Through Lōkahi, we experience the amazing fulfillment of creating and working for a unified goal.

In this workshop, you will become aware of the counter intentions you have, to working and collaborating with others, and you will also identify your unique traits and how you can bring them into your community.

In this Hawaiian retreat, you will experience Lōkahi through interacting with local Hawaiians to discover how they live and breathe this island virtue. Come have deep explorations, great conversations, fun, and comradery all in the unforgettable spirit of Aloha.

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Oct 18, 2017

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