About Us

Is there an echo inside that’s asking you to make a change?
Do you believe your life could be more fulfilling, but you aren’t sure of how to achieve it?
Are you feeling as though you are your own biggest obstacle?

Productive Learning is a California-based personal development company that believes every person has the innate ability to create and live the life they truly want.  However, we understand that ability must be nurtured and developed.

To help our clients on their journey towards more fulfilling lives, we lead experiential workshops designed to discover the tools and thought processes that support a happier and more meaningful life. We believe this is an essential key to unlocking contentment in a world designed to leave us scrambling to keep up.


Productive Learning offers weekend workshops, year-long programs, and intensive learning adventures.  Most of our clients begin by taking UpLevel Coaching Course our cornerstone coaching program, but all of our weekend workshops are open to clients at any stage of their personal journey.

Workshops are an intimate group setting led by our talented team of professional facilitators.  We believe there’s tremendous value in the range of perspectives we all bring to the table, so we keep the group sizes small – between 20-35 people.  This allows the best of both worlds: benefit from each other’s experiences and receive the personal attention you need.

Our workshops were written and developed by our founder, Lindon Oscar Crow, who is now training our team of Trainers to write and develop content. He continues to train each of our facilitators, ensuring each workshop is led by the most capable and compassionate transformation guides.  Inside the workshop, you’ll share your own perspective and be challenged to look at your assumptions from a totally new direction.  With each interaction, you’ll take another step forward in a safe and supportive environment.


Each day, we have the honor of making a difference in the lives of our clients. It’s our passion, and it’s our lifestyle.  Each member of the Productive Learning team is on their own personal development journey.  We walk the walk.  We intimately understand the power of Productive Learning’s workshops because we have experienced the tremendous growth in our own lives, as well as having witnessed it for our clients.

In today’s culture, our focus is pulled in a thousand different ways.  Despite being more connected than ever, so many of us continue to feel disconnected from our purpose and from our true selves.  Between a steady stream of distractions being delivered on our screens and a headline culture that values over-simplified how-to lists for unlocking happiness, we live in a world where it is incredibly difficult to find balance and true fulfillment.  At Productive Learning, we strive to sort through the chaos to get down to the core of what drives you.


Productive Learning & Leisure was founded in 1992 by Lindon Oscar Crow and Rick Itzkowich.  Over the course of the last 30 years, Productive Learning has helped more than 10,000 people discover and nurture the thinking necessary to see what else is possible.  Founder Lindon O. Crow has written more than 100 dynamic workshops that are unique to our organization.

In 1999, our team recognized that we have the opportunity to impact the world in two ways: by helping individuals on a personal level (as we had been doing) and by working closely with business groups to create more fulfilling professional interactions.  We began to expand our offerings into the business world with our corporate training division, Beyond Business Training.

As we worked with business leaders both in our personal development workshops and in the corporate setting, we continually heard professionals discussing their desire for a network of like-minded executives.  In 2006, the Conscious Leadership Circle was born.

In 2013, Productive Learning celebrated a changing of the guards, as Lindon Oscar Crow passed the torch to his son, Lindon Austin Crow.  As the new president, Lindon Austin formally changed the name from Productive Learning & Leisure to Productive Learning.  The second generation of Productive Learning has proven to be overwhelmingly successful with continued growth in both Southern and Northern California.


At Productive Learning, we have done more than help individuals build more fulfilling lives.  We have built a community.

For the past 30 years, we have operated with a dedication to our core values:

Our work goes far beyond teaching specific skills or lessons.  Instead, we partner with each of our clients to explore the opportunities for growth within themselves, and we develop a personal path to transformation.  Each day, we have the honor and privilege of supporting individuals who are putting in the work to cultivate the most fulfilling lives possible.  And we look forward to joining you on your journey soon.