Ground Rules

1. BE ON TIME.  Being on time is about being your word to you. If you have been in the habit of breaking your word to you, this simple agreement can have a profoundly beneficial impact in your life. Your coaching time is your time. If you choose to be late, that is how you are using your time. Reschedule at least 24 hours in advance, if needed.           2. BE PREPARED AND BE PRESENT. Have a journal and pen ready on each call. We will cover a lot of ground through our work together. Being present to your own process have valuable side effects.  Journaling notes will allow you to revisit the key insights you discover about yourself. You cannot journal too much.       3. SUSPEND JUDGEMENT AND BE OPEN. This is a space for learning and exploration. Everything is up to be talked about, do not hold back. Give yourself permission to open up. Anything that is expressed will be used for growth and learning. Judgement is limiting. I am a mirror and will reflect back to you any judgement you have about yourself and others in support of your learning experience.       4. TAKE 100% RESPONSIBILITY. NO LESS, NO MORE. I am the coach and you are the Explorer. You set the pace. Everything I offer is only an offer. You choose to pick it up and go with it, or not. I will bring questions, models, and content to the table. You bring your truth and expression. You are responsible for your experience, your learning, and your life.