Anxiety and survival have become foreground experiences.

Move From Anxiety to Empowerment

Experience clarity, power & resiliency in the face of any circumstance.

Will we survive?

Everything we are seeing and hearing on the news and social media these days is scary! We live with more uncertainty than ever before…

  • Is it safe to shop for food for my family?
  • Will I have a job when this is all over?
  • What’s happening to the economy?
  • When will this all end?
  • When it ends, will it be better or worse than before?
  • Will be ever go back to “normal?”

It’s easier now, more than ever, to fall into victim thinking – to focus on all that could go wrong and all that is still unknown.

And it feels like that is the safest, most prudent course of action – stay vigilant – worry – theorize the possible outcomes to be “ready.”

But what if I told you that this focus is actually stealing any real power you could have in this situation?

We must move beyond this most basic survival instinct –
moving beyond that requires effort, awareness, vigilance

You don’t have to go it alone!

That’s exactly what you will get when you join us in the online workshop…

This powerful 7 week, interactive workshop has been designed specifically to deliver the results you are used to, but through effective online learning methods.

After this workshop, you’ll:

  • Understand key “thinking models” and be empowered to choose the right thinking for the right circumstance
    • Move beyond survival-focus, no matter what’s on the news
  • Have Action Tools you can use to transform the actual physical experience of stress in your body
    • Don’t let stress take a physical toll on your health
  • Access your own personal “Emotional Dictionary” to translate your emotions into the wisdom you have inside you
    • Experience clarity & resiliency

What’s Included:

Pre-Recorded Video Training

Every Monday morning you’ll get a new set of short, focused training videos to guide you to interact with this week’s content.

Live, Interactive Training Session

Every Thursday, you’ll join Cassie & the other participants for a live “classroom.” You’ll work through exercises to deepen the training & learn new distinctions.

Worksheets, Templates & Action Plans

Every week you’ll be guided through how to implement your learning into your life. You’ll have unlimited opportunities to get support throughout the 7 weeks.

** BONUS **

Three 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

This is your opportunity to get personal coaching from one of the skilled Productive Learning Trainers. You can use this to deepen your understanding of the course content, or to deal with any area of life during these challenging times.

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Don’t Delay – Registration closes Monday, April 20th

You’ll learn –

Module 1 – Fear & the Body

Explore how stress impacts the body and discover key “mind model” distinctions to give you power

Module 2 – Thinking Distortions

The 5 ways of thinking that rob you of power & how to move to effectiveness

Module 3 – Thought vs Reality

Establish the clear, internal similarities & differences between thought & reality to gain power

Module 4 – Trigger Tools

Begin to recognize your triggers and build a library of tools you can use in the moment to respond rather than react

Module 5 – Power of Acceptance

Learn tools to accept what is so that you can move into an action position for effective change

Module 6 – Moving to Empowerment

Use the insights gained to deepen your understanding of yourself & expand your personal power

You’ll also have a session where you wrap it all together into a powerful toolkit for lifetime use, and recognize, for yourself, the radical shifts that have occurred in just 7 weeks!


How and when do we get the materials?

We have created an online “school” and when you register, you will create a UserID & password, and a link to access later will be automatically emailed to you.

Each week, on Monday, we will release new content videos & tools. Each module will have a “Resources” document that outlines all the actions you should be taking that week, and all content is accessible on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Learning module content can be downloaded for later viewing as well.

When are the live sessions & what if I must miss one?

Live, interactive sessions will occur on Zoom every Thursday, 7-9 PM, beginning April 23rd

Sessions will be recorded and available in the online classroom, but to ensure a safe environment for all participants, these will not be downloadable and will be removed from the online school at the completion of the workshop.

We recommend attending as many sessions Live, as you possibly can, and not registering if you already know you will miss more than 2 of these live sessions. This ensures your ability to get the transformation we promise and are committed to you receiving.

How many people will participate this course? How do I know I will get the support I need?

Our online school can handle all participants, and we have set up the structures to ensure each student will get the attention they need.

Our live sessions are 2 hours long and you have unlimited email/Facebook group support.

We have also created a “course buddy” structure to empowering active engagement in the content.

Additionally, the bonus provides you with three 1-on-1 sessions with a Productive Learning coach to use whenever you desire throughout the program.

How long are the videos and what is the time commitment for this course??

Each video will be no longer than 15 minutes.  Some modules will have more than 1 video, and we estimate that you should plan to devote at least 4 hours per week to the program – 2 hours on the content, and 2 hours on the live call.

When does this start and end?

We have the first module of content ready to be released on Monday, April 20th, and our final live session will be Thursday, June 4th.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have been delivering transformational results for nearly 30 years – we know that if you engage in this material and participate with our coaches, this course will make a lasting difference in your life.

If you participate and do not feel that we fulfilled this promise, just reach out and we will make it right.

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