Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a typical Productive Learning workshop?

In a small workshop setting, our experienced trainers use unique exercises and group discussions to explore your view of the world.  Each participant learns from the experiences of their peers and offers insights that others, in turn, interpret for their own growth. We utilize a combination of experiential exercises (e.g., games, activities, small groups), sharing and education to facilitate transformation. The workshop descriptions and activities listed remain somewhat vague so that you can experience the most growth possible with us. 

Our intention is to provide an environment that stimulates your non-cognitive thinking, heightens your awareness of when this happens, and increases the choices that become available to you. It is when we see more choices that we can truly create an extraordinary life.

TOP 6 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Workshop:

  1. Come in with compassionate curiosity about yourself
  2. Be open to learning what you don’t know about yourself
  3. Remind yourself that the more flexible your mindset, the more you increase the probability of getting your desired results 
  4. Understand that everyone has something they are working towards – aim for recognizing how you can connect with each person’s experience.
  5. Be willing to experience your emotions knowing they are safe to feel and express 
  6. Consider in advance: What area of your life would you like to give attention to in the workshop? (e.g., What are you going for? What potential do you have that is untapped? What is less than ideal for you in your life right now?)

Tips for Meeting Attendees via Zoom

What are Productive Learning’s transfer and cancellation policies?

In the unfortunate event that you cannot attend the workshop for which you have registered, please notify Productive Learning immediately. The following policies will apply regarding your request:

Transfer Policy
Weekend workshops:
Classes with lodging:
Cancellation Policy
Weekend workshops:
Classes with lodging:

How many people are typically in a workshop?

Depending upon the workshop, we may have between 8 to 35 people participating. We have found that in these smaller group sessions, we are able to offer more individualized attention that allows us to address each person in the group. At the same time, the workshops are designed to provide an opportunity to learn from each other as well. Therefore, we modify the size of the workshop based upon the type of activities that will be involved.

Where are the workshops offered?

Since the company is based in California, the weekend and weekday workshops are offered in both Northern and Southern California. Our Learning Vacations are located in exciting travel destinations such as Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Colorado, Canada, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Belize, Australia, Greece, Africa, New Zealand, Pebble Beach, Sedona and many more beautiful spots around the world.

How would you describe a typical participant?

We have found that our workshops appeal to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Executives, singles, couples, retired people, and both men and women enjoy these courses. Most people are between the ages of 30 to 60. Many times companies or groups enjoy taking these workshops together to help build teamwork and improve cooperation.

What are CAPs and how can I use them?

CAPs are Customer Appreciation Points that a client receives for registering for workshops with us! As you build CAPs you can use them to discount future registrations.
The CAPs guidelines are as follows:
– CAPs are taken off Full List Price of a program and cannot be combined with other discounts
– CAPs cannot be used toward International Trips
– Up to 60% off full list price of weekend
– Up to 50% off full list price of Online Courses
– Up to 40% off full list price of Learning Intensives (not international*)
– Up to 20% off full list price of other programs including Personal and Small Group Coaching Programs