There’s a skillset required with living an extraordinary life. You’re wired for it but no one’s ever taught you how to use it.

Productive Learning is where you pick up The Extraordinary Life Manual. Each chapter is a workshop creating a journey…

In the process of developing an accurate assessment of who you actually are, you need to appreciate the disparity between how you appear to your own mind and how you indeed exist.
 – Dalai Lama XIV

A facilitator works with you to dig through your history, your current state of thinking, and what beliefs you’ve accumulated in your arsenal. This replaces a mentality that no longer serves you with heightened self-awareness.

You walk away with a new relationship with yourself. This step is necessary for creating life change. Without this kind of understanding, there’s no transformation.

You must understand yourself first to become aware.

The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.
– Aristotle

Beyond Reasons gifts you awareness. But awareness without guidance won’t sustain your growth.

If you don’t develop the awareness around your behavior and choices, you will weaken its power. You must hone and finesse your newfound understanding and awareness to make your vision reality.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
– Helen Keller

Stepping into understanding and awareness will prod you into your vision. You’ll faithfully believe in your abilities. You’ll get a feel for your capacity and start seeing the possibilities.

But you’ll need to define your vision, tailor it, and manifest it.

Productive Learning is here to teach you the life stuff your parents and teachers missed. We bring you understanding, awareness, and vision.

Our mission is to help you live an extraordinary life.

We know you want to evolve and find happiness in your skin. Your goals and dreams are certainly not out of reach.