Productive Learning President Featured on a Leadership Podcast

Jul 30, 2018 by Lindon Austin Crow

Last month, our president and CEO, Lindon Austin Crow, had the opportunity to share our vision with Tiana Sanchez during the Like a Real Boss podcast. In this local podcast, host Tiana Sanchez shines the spotlight on tips, tricks, trends and tools that new, seasoned and/or aspiring leaders can incorporate in their careers to increase their influence as leaders.

This podcast delves into how Lindon’s role has evolved in the company and his not-so-secret ingredients of what makes him a great leader. With a degree in Psychology, Lindon’s interest in “why people do what they do” evolved into a deep desire to usher people in the direction of life/relationship/business/financial transformations. Now as the face of Productive Learning, he seeks to spread the message to others to continuously seek and improve their lives and always stay on the very rewarding path of personal development. “This is a never-ending game, this is a never-ending story. You can play in this game as much as you want. Or not. And that is what we call this amazing thing called life. It is constructed the way it is and it’s a choice to play,” said Lindon.

We are thrilled that Lindon had this opportunity to spread the word about Productive learning, and we hope you’ll take the opportunity to listen to the podcast for the full story and his ingredients for becoming an influential leader.


About Productive Learning
At Productive Learning, we believe people have the ability to create and design a fulfilling and prosperous life. This ability needs to be discovered and nurtured in ways that support an individual’s goals and aspirations. Our personal development workshops, corporate and leadership training, all are designed in exemplary ways to discover and nurture this very foundation of self-exploration and development.