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How do I share the Productive Learning experience with others?

Q) I have a friend (co-worker, family member, etc.) who I think would get a lot out of the workshops at Productive Learning, but I’m not sure how to start the conversation. What should I do?

A) We get asked this a lot! The best direction we can give is to set the tone to have an honest conversation about the benefits you’ve received from the work and share why you think they would like it too. How would you set the tone for this type of conversation? Something like… Hey, I’ve been doing some really cool work on developing my own self-mastery, and I think you’d like it too. Would it be ok if I shared it with you? 

What DOESN’T work – telling them they NEED this workshop because they are wrong / broken / etc.

Q) I know someone who REALLY needs your work – how can I make them take a workshop?

A) Refer back to the FAQ above 🙂 

The work we do at Productive Learning is attractive to people who are excited and committed to living their IDEAL life as their IDEAL higher conscious self. The journey is the fun part! This is not for everyone. So if you feel you are forcing the conversation or “want them to grow” more than they want it – you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. 

Q) Is there a website or registration link I can send people who I know are interested? 

A) Yes! When you are a client of Productive Learning (past, present or future!) you can refer your circle of friends to UpLevel Coaching!