Michelle Leath


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Hey there! I’m Michelle Leath. I am a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I recently joined Productive Learning as a coach, and I also support the marketing team to spread the word about living life beyond our comfort zones.

My journey into coaching began over ten years ago with my own personal transformation, when I went from feeling unfulfilled and stuck to discovering that I had the power to choose a life aligned with my deepest desires.

Since then, I’ve engaged in many different forms of self-exploration, and I have an insatiable appetite for personal discovery and growth. I am a voracious reader; name a personal development book, and I’ve probably read it.  If not, I will add it to my reading list!

I believe that if I’m to support someone to live their most authentic and courageous life, I need to walk the talk, so I continually invest in myself through coaching and workshops, as I love learning about myself and developing my skills as a coach.

I am lighthearted and love to bring my sense of humor to my work, but I take my work very seriously. My main focus areas are women’s empowerment, food and body image, career transition and relationships. No matter the area of focus, I’m deeply committed to helping others live courageously, express themselves authentically, and create lives of nourishment and purpose.

My work fulfills me, but what really lights up my world are my two amazing kids, Tanner (24) and Cassidy (22). These two keep me on my toes and continue to be my greatest teachers. One of the biggest gifts of my coach training and self-development work has been learning to put aside my expectations, agendas, and conditioning to truly support them in discovering their own paths. They are creating extraordinary lives based on what matters to them, which makes this mama extraordinarily happy.

When I am not coaching (am I ever not coaching? 😉 ) I am writing, reading and learning about myself, often on the beach! I love teaching and practicing yoga, and I have a particular soft spot for raunchy comedies. You can catch me quoting lines from those movies with perfect comedic timing over great food and great wine at the dinner parties my partner Scott and I love to host for family and friends.

I really enjoy life and all it has to offer, and if I ever feel like I am not enjoying life, I know I am only a few questions away from understanding myself better and loving all there is again.

I look forward to doing the same with you!