What’s Your Perfect Vision?

Jan 29, 2020

Welcome to the roaring ‘20s! Many of you may still be tracking resolutions or you may just have settled where you are in your journey and figuring things out without them. Either way, we at Productive Learning think resolutions are beside the point of how to begin the new year.

Last year we wrote to our emotions but this year we thought of taking on the theme of perfect vision: 20/20. It’s a good peg for a lull between the old decade and the new one because we always look for ways to turn the lens internally.

Medically, perfect vision is self-explanatory: one sees clearly. To us, it means making peace with an unclear picture. Yes, perfect vision, in and of itself, isn’t having a clear, sanitized outlook on who we are, where we’re going or what makes us, us.

That’s because in life we’re in constant fluctuation. Just look back on the decade. Are you the same person you were in 2010? Maybe your hobby still is reading but your beliefs about self-love have evolved. And will you be the same person in 2025? In some ways yes and in others, no.

Perfect vision means approaching ourselves holistically. Our personality traits are varied due to circumstance and relationships. Accepting ourselves with our imperfections, perfections and where we are on our journey is what we mean by “perfect vision.” Because even when we’re clear about our goals and who we are, we have such little control of the external world that one little change can thwart us. But if we have radical acceptance with where we are and who we are at present, we can control ourselves, regardless of what happens.

Many of us don’t function on this mode. We pick at ourselves to no end, capitalizing on our imperfections and settling on disempowering beliefs. This is how we get stuck on a poor self-image and feel held back by life.

What’s worse is that we use these sickening self-perceptions to compare ourselves to others. We take stock and measure ourselves in terribly defeating ways. (How many times have we “should’d” on ourselves about where we’re supposed to be in life?) Our emotions can easily take over and muddle our 20/20 vision. We forget to honor our internal Self and instead focus on our reactions to external events.

So how do we get 20/20 vision in 2020? First, we need to heed to last year’s lessons by seeing how our emotions inform us to discover who we really are. Perfect vision comes when we engage with what our feelings are telling us—when we honor how they inform us. This is how we see ourselves into perfect vision.

In other words, what if perfect vision really means having the capability of constantly gauging inside yourself and honoring the kaleidoscope of emotions, experiences and beliefs that make you, you? What if perfect vision is less about happiness, a clearly defined goal or knowing what you want to do in life? What if we agree that it means having an understanding of who you are and finding people who want that from you?

To us, perfect vision is really about knowing who we are, what makes us different and finding friends who appreciate you as you are. We can we work together with all our differences because if we’re not a good fit isn’t that ok too? We don’t need to change ourselves for perfect vision, nor do we need to try to control circumstances and people.

At Productive Learning we pride ourselves in gathering people who want to understand themselves with an imperfect “perfect” vision. We’ve assembled a tribe of people willing to see themselves as they are, in workshops that are safe spaces to dig through the dark parts while honing the beliefs that give us strength. We’re in the business of self-reflection, of developing emotional intelligence and that challenges us to always look at ourselves too as a way to gauge and mold perfect vision.

For 2020 we invite you to explore perfect vision. We’ll be examining our various relationships, our roles in them and how we see our beliefs. We’ll be looking at perfect vision for love, spirituality, community, family and other areas. Perfect vision is to embrace how we respond to these elements in our own unique and imperfect ways while being at ease with ourselves.

Let’s make 2020 more about pulling back our vision to see what’s happening internally. We’ll straddle the paradox of 20/20 vision with our imperfections as we head to places that are unclear and uncertain.

So whether your resolutions are coming along or you’ve released them, lets agree that we’ll think of ourselves through the imperfection of a perfect vision.