Building Better Relationships


Looking back over his life, J. Paul Getty, once the wealthiest man in the world, said he would gladly give up all his millions for one experience of marital happiness. The people in our lives matter and the quality of those relationships have a radical impact on the quality of our life.

Nothing exhilarates, uplifts, irritates, angers, or disappoints us the way the people in our lives do. And although most of us realize that we are projecting our own unconscious assumptions on the people around us we have not realized how to catch ourselves in that projection and redirect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

In Building Better Relationships, discover how your relationships develop. Get a firsthand experience of what generates harmony and tension in your relationships. You will gain a better understanding of why things go awry and what you can do to minimize the damage. You will leave equipped with an arsenal of tools to better manage your reactions to “difficult people” and create more pleasant outcomes. You will emerge from this workshop with a far greater understanding of the dynamics of your relationships, and the power to affect positive change.

Join us at the White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona where we will get an authentic experience of ourselves in relationships that will change our quality of life forever.

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