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What does it take to live a truly EXTRAORDINARY life? It’s obviously something more than engaging in life in just an “ordinary” way. But what works for others, may not work for you because of all the unique and individual predicaments we each have. For example; your job, your relationships, your health, etc. etc.  Everyone is so vastly different, what will you need to excel at life?

Lucky for you Productive Learning has choreographed a one-of-a-kind workshop that will be custom written for you! By combining our expert workshop writing staff, along with some ingenious exercises, we’ve combined the benefits of personalized coaching with the advantages of a group class.
In this very special workshop, you can focus on any area of your life that you want to excel at, whether thats love and relationships, career and finances or maybe your personal health and self-esteem.  Any aspect that you are ready to move towards extraordinary, we’ll take and custom create a unique set of experiences for you so you can gain deep insights and begin to transform what may be ordinary into something EXTRAORDINARY.
Join us for this very special workshop titled Engage and Excel!

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Oct 2 - Oct 3, 2021
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Oct 2 - Oct 3, 2021

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