Mission/Purpose/Values for Business


Mission: What we are here to do
Our Mission is a set stake in the ground that we use as guidance for all of our energies in business and our personal life. It keeps us on track from the deceptive shiny objects and seductive course changes that inevitably end in stressful hurdles or unfulfilling outcomes. In business, it is the fundamental framework for the trajectory of what you are aiming to achieve.

Purpose: Why we are doing it
The purpose is the establishment of what you believe in and why it’s important that you pursue your Mission. Without Purpose the motivation, courage, discipline and clarity will be lacking when obstacles arise, thus subjecting the organization to making choices based on feeling comfortable instead of growth.

Values: How we do it
Values are the rules and behaviors that must be followed when conducting your business or personal life. When values are transgressed or broken, the success of your Mission becomes meaningless or experienced in a toxic environment and fulfillment is lost. Culture is a product of the values in action. It defines what the experience of conducting business will be and creates a set of expectations and standards for everyone. When individuals (customers and/or employees) don’t adhere to the values of the organization it can immediately be felt.

This 3-day workshop will hit all three of the above topics to gain clarity for your business and make sure to align them with your personal Mission, Purpose and Values.

*Lodging not included.

This workshop is especially recommended for: Finding Your Purpose and Redefining Roles and the future.

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Jan 25 - Jan 27, 2019

Prerequisite: Beyond Reasons

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