Open and Honest Conversations

Generating connection, flow and intimacy in any communication

“Honesty is the best policy,” “The truth will set you free,” “If you want to be trusted, be honest.”

We have heard these sayings before. We have used them. But what does it take to really live into them? To look someone, we care about in the face and tell them the truth even when it is hard. Even when it doesn’t make us look good or worse, we believe the truth will hurt them? If the truth sets me free but hurts another is it really the best policy? Wont I be trusted if I protect their best interest?

And if I did believe being honest would set me free how do I do it in a way that brings us closer together?

The truth is you can share your inner most sincere thoughts, feelings, desires, requests, and feedback to your boss, your spouse, your employees, your neighbors and your family. No matter the circumstance, you can be honest in a way that will set you free and bring you closer together in any relationship.

Join us in Open and Honest Conversations where we learn and practice the tools for creating loving, honest and open dialogue. The skills we will cultivate in this workshop are how to listen in support of others, how to receive feedback to support your own growth (especially when it’s difficult to hear), and how to express yourself openly and honestly in a way whomever you are speaking with can hear you.

Imagine living a life where you hide nothing. Imagine the freedom you would feel. Open and Honest Conversations will show you how.

*Ideal to do with your partner but not necessary

Tuition includes self parking and a 4 night stay at Allegretto Vineyard Resort based on double occupancy.

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Dec 7 - Dec 11, 2022

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