Spirit of Adventure

Awaken your spirit of Adventure and set intentions to experience the joy of being alive.

When was the last time you felt you were embarking on a great adventure? Do you remember how it felt to be in the great unknown, armed only with your curiosity, intuition and faith? It can be a rush! Adventure can be a playful practice of co-creating an experience with the world around you, full of twists and turns and ultimately an extraordinary conclusion that serves as a resting place until you embark on the next great adventure.

It has become common place for people to reserve their “Spirit of Adventure” for leisure travel. Even then a lot of people want to make sure they have a great time, so they plan everything out on their trips leaving little space for adventure.

Adventure is both a noun and a verb. In verb tense it means: to engage in unusual, perhaps hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.

Our life is unknown territory, we do not know what is going to happen next – even if we think we do – we don’t. What if we embraced the Spirit of Adventure in our everyday life? How would that spirit carry you through your day of back to back meetings or a weekend of running errands? How could the spirit of adventure enhance your experience at the grocery store or confronting a difficult conversation?

Our drive for adventure and discovery is built into the human system but because of our need for control and safety we lose touch with the thrill of being in the unknown.

Join us for a 5 star, luxury camping experience in Tanzania as we explore the Serengeti alongside Elephants, Rhinos and Lions… oh my! Awaken your spirit of Adventure and set intentions to experience the joy of being alive.

To see more pictures from Mark Nicole’s last trip to Africa with Productive Learning, click here.

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