Your Lying Mind

How your need to be right leads to poor decisions

Do you know why you make the decisions you make?

Are you careful to weigh out the options and move forward on the “best” path? Do you get multiple opinions and do “research?”

Are you confident you will achieve your goals based on the choices you have already made?

Unfortunately, as human beings, we have a built-in mechanism that limits how much we are actually assessing when we make decisions… Researchers call it Cognitive Bias, and it’s a well-documented limitation in your natural objective thinking that leads us to shortcut our decision making process.

During this 4-week program, we aren’t going to get into the scientific aspects of cognitive bias. Instead, we are going to look at the real-life ways that bias has you unable to change – even when you need & want to!

We will explore cognitive biases that keep you in justification and righteousness, and empower you to see when these biases are at work. You’ll develop powerful tools to self-correct and shift more quickly into a mind of creativity & possibility.

This course will be taught using distance learning methodologies, including live workshops, small group interaction, and individual, facilitated self-inquiry.

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